Lighten Up!

Make a room look bigger by using a lighter paint color.  Red may be a popular color for dining rooms, however, when you are selling your house, neutral paint is more appealing to most buyers.  It’s better to have neutral color on the walls, and bring in color and textures using rugs, artwork, and accessories.  Take a look at the difference changing a paint color can make.  Some buyers may not like red and be totally turned off by this dining room.

Now look how much bigger the room looks painted neutral.  Any buyer can visual their own furniture in this spacious room.

You don’t want boring beige.  You want color – just not on all the walls.  For every room the buyer dislikes the paint color, or sees wallpaper that needs to be removed, they deduct big from the offering price. It’s better to neutralize the walls before you list, and let Impressive Home Staging bring in the pizzazz to turn browsers into buyers!

We consult with our clients about paint colors selections so that their house looks the very best it can before entering the real estate market.  Here are some Sherwin-Williams colors that we often recommend:

  • SW 7556 Crème
  • SW 7555 Patience
  • SW 7551 Greek Villa
  • SW 7517 China Doll
  • SW 7683 Buff
  • SW 6120 Believable Buff
  • SW 7694 Dromedary Camel
  • SW 7696 Toasted Pine Nut

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